Common Sense: The Road to Budget Hell...

I want to talk about paying for other peoples' good intentions.

Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful things government can and should do.  But, paying for sex change operations isn't one of them.

This might be a very serious psychological, maybe even medical condition, though I have my doubts on the latter. I also doubt whether slapping a male organ on a female makes she a he.  I think it's like dressing a cat up like a dog — it's still a cat.

But my point is, so what?  Surely there are more urgent medical conditions, like obesity and anorexia.  And I don't see these San Francisco legislators hopping to those causes.  No, they've selected one they care about.  And maybe one a good many of their residents care about.

But if you're a San Francisco taxpayer, you have to wonder: where is my tax money going?  We should all ask that. Whether we live in San Francisco, California or Sandusky, Ohio.  It's our money.

My friends, you can't balance a budget on good intentions.

You have to make hard choices. Tough choices.  And always remember, all you legislators out there, it's not your money you're playing with - it's ours.

I'm not saying you lack good intentions.  I am saying you just lack sense.

I'm not saying I'm heartless.  I am saying you're clueless.

What gets lost in the do-good-by-spending good argument is this: causes cost.  Think about that long and hard.

Because a government inclined to throw money at anything has the power to take away everything.

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