Common Sense: Staying Humble

Talk about lessons from above. Here's one to keep you humble.

Peter Schneider is out of a job. A big job. Actually a pretty cool job. Schneider was chairman of Walt Disney Studios. But not anymore.

Little more than a year into making his mark on Mickey, the fickle wand of Cinderella made her mark on Pete. He's out. He says of his own accord. I think a movie called Pearl Harbor didn't help. But here's the killer. Pearl Harbor's already made $160 million plus in the four weeks it's been out. Apparently that’s not good enough. And certainly not enough to cover the 205 million smackers poured into making this World War II epic.

But that's not my point. Pete is.

For a while, this guy could do no wrong. He helped bring The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast to Broadway. Rave reviews and sold out shows made Pete a prince. He was the guy who revived Broadway, reinvigorated Times Square and dare I say, made Mickey magical again. And now Pete's toast! Just like that.

After all he did. All he delivered. All he hit out of the park. It was all for nothing. Because of one stinker of a film, all right, maybe two stinkers, if you throw in Atlantis.

Boy, do my dad's words ever come back, right about now. "Neil, stay humble," he used to say. "You'll never know when it'll come in handy." And he'd always add, "In your case, Neil, it will."

So lesson to the "up and coming" is don't get "uppity and snooty." It'll come back to hit you like a two-ton anvil on Wylie Cayote. And before you know it, you're drawn right out of the picture.

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