Common Sense: Remembering America's Heroes

Get ready for the Pearl Harbor blitz.

There is the big movie on Memorial Day weekend.  There are the big specials all this week — eight by last count.  And of course there is the big anniversary itself, December 7th this year.

A lot of folks have problems with all this hype.  Not me.

A lot of reviewers say it's overkill.  Not me.

A lot of historians say this is all sensational.  Not me.

And here's why.

Anytime we can pay homage to heroes, I say, have at it.  Anytime we can remind a spoiled generation, like my own or my daughter's, of a tougher more dangerous time, I say remind me.  Remind all of us.

Again, let me stress, that as a result of a quirk of birth, I never served — I was too young for Vietnam.  Other, not so lucky chaps did the heavy lifting for me, both before and after me.  Those are the people we honor this week and of course, next weekend.  I don't think you can tell their story enough or bang it over all our heads enough.

Look at the unparalleled wealth we enjoy as a nation today.  Maybe not as much as last year at this time, but a heck of a lot more than 60 years ago at this time.

So go ahead with the silly war love stories and the human drama events.  If they are the sugar that helps this history lesson go down, I say, good.  It is good for me to remember and for my daughter to treasure.  For what we have is owed to what they did.

So do all you want this week.  But remember, each and every day 1,800 World War II veterans die.  Pretty soon, they'll all be gone and all we will have to remember them by are these movies and documentaries.

That’s not great.  But if the alternative is not remembering or appreciating them at all, I say, not bad.

Not bad at all.

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