Common Sense: PETA's Real Beef

Let me be frank: People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has an agenda. It loves animals. God bless them. So do I.

But if you think PETA's rant against Burger King is really just about how BK treats its cows, someone's giving you a bum steer. I think it's a red herring, even though some in PETA might not have a problem with herring.

Let's face it. PETA doesn't like animals dying for us and that's their right. They don't like us wearing fur or leather coats. And that's their right. They don't much like grizzly beefeaters. And that's their right. All I'm saying is just say it.

Don't dance around it and give me, pardon the pun, some cock-and-bull story about how bulls suffer before they die. I'm no Freddie Krueger, eager to see blood. I'm a journalist, eager to see the truth. And the truth is this: PETA wants to shut down anyone who wants to chow down beef.

And the worse you can make the guys who bring you that beef, the better. If you make Burger King out to be the Texas Chainsaw Massacre then maybe people won't go to Burger King. Maybe more cows will be saved and more chickens will live.

I'm no Vincent Price, relishing some skinless, hapless chicken running from a farmer with a pickaxe. I’m just someone here to ask a simple question. PETA, enough with the side show, what's your "real beef"?

Some of you clearly don't like that. So for the woman who said she mistakenly caught my tirade while flipping to CNN, I say, go to CNN and stay there. They won't attempt serving up issues like this. But I will. They decide what to put on your plate. I put it all on here and let you, decide for yourself.

Bon appetit.

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