Common Sense: Losing One's Life

The letters I receive on my show, good and bad, tell me something about the debate and the very fabric of life. The heated, funny, often random musings of life. The essence of life.

Timothy McVeigh will be losing all that and he knows it.

That's why he suddenly pulled a 180 and tried to cling to that. No more. He gave up the fight this week after an appeals court all but told him, Tim, you're toast. And for the relatives of the 168 lives he has all but bragged about obliterating, Tim "should be toast." And come bright and early Monday morning, Tim will be toast.

But isn't it revealing that after he saw an opening, a legal wedge, Tim, the guy who wanted to die, suddenly wanted to live? And that despite what for many wouldn't be a fun life, retained and restrained in prison, McVeigh appreciated it. Briefly, desperately clung to it. And now, likely to lose it.

I think there's a lesson here.

For all its foibles, pressures, heartaches and troubles, people who love you, people who hate you, there is something to being a being. A part of this world. For however long we're on this world.

It transcends markets, quick profits, gains and losses. It transcends the day-to-day, because it is all days. It is the very thing so many of us take for granted. Except when it is in question and in doubt.

And now for one Timothy McVeigh, precisely because it is in doubt. And come Monday morning, beyond all doubt.

Know well what you have lost, Timothy McVeigh. And what others have lost, because of you. No, it doesn't matter that you profit from it. Just in the end, that deep down inside, you know it.

And you know it. Now, that you're about to lose it.

Good night.

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