Common Sense: Just Say No

When it comes to Alan Greenspan, let me say that I was wrong.

I used to think he was clueless. But, he's not clueless -- he's crazy.

Greenspan is hopelessly, insanely, out-to-lunch, stark-raving mad crazy.

And he's sinister.  He is "Doctor No" to our "James Bond." And he's up to no good, my friends.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

This doctor has more tricks up his sleeve than you know.  He moves money and he's out to move markets.  Not up, but down -- down a lot.

He knew very well his mamby-pamby quarter-point cut this week would trigger a market selloff.  He knew that many wanted more, many would be disappointed and many would sell.  They did.  Doctor No must have been rubbing his hands, delighted at his work.

He bemoaned a market bubble when the Dow was around 6,000 -- let alone the 10,000 it's at now.

I can hear him now: "Laugh at me, will you? Attack my market calls, will you?"

For know well, my friends, that Doctor No, the man who says no to anything good, hates stocks. We know that he personally invests in treasury bills.  Those he likes. Greedy, money-grubbing capitalists he does not.  And Doctor No is out to destroy them.  Bit by bit. Sector by sector. Hope by hope.  He will not be satisfied until Wall Street is scorched.

I don't know what Doctor No calls a correctly valued market.  Something tells me it's in the single digits. No wonder his moves are so tentative, so late and so forced.

He is fooling us.  But he isn't fooling me.  Because it isn't the economy he's trying to save. It's the market he's trying to destroy.

But I'm onto you, Doctor No.  I see your sinister plot.  And I shall stop you before you stop us.  Or at least let the world know the evil you are up to.

Be warned, the Big Head is on to the Big Evil.

I must go now and save the world.

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