Common Sense: Dennis the Menace?

If someone offered you 20 million bucks to stay in your house a week, would you let him?

For most folks, of course, the answer would be yes. That is unless the guy is a hatchet murderer. But even then, I bet some would take their chances.

So why all the fuss over this very rich guy Dennis Tito forking over 20 million smackers to the Russians to book a seat on the space station?

I say, what's the big deal?  He's paying his way.  He's taking full responsibility for anything he might break up there.  And what's more, if he's injured, or God forbid, killed, neither he nor his family can sue.

So, I say, Dennis, have at it.  You've got the dough and Russia needs the dough. Stay out of folks' way and enjoy the ride.

I suspect the reason why so much of the established press calls Dennis a menace, is because Dennis is rich.

That's it.  He's rich -- very rich.  And a lot of media types, perhaps because they're not, hate him.

Me? I don't fault Dennis for being rich or for wanting to pay his way to see a dream come true.  Hey, if he wants to blow a fortune to hitch a ride, go for it.  Just don't break anything.

And let's face it, money's tight. So I say, take it where you can get it.

Go ahead, rap me.  But if someone wants to pay me $20 million to take a view out my window, I say have a blast.  And if that someone is James Cameron of Titanic fame -- who really wants up there -- I say, Jimbo, you go!

Just clean up after yourself. And oh yeah, make it a cashiers check.

Now enjoy the ride.

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