Common Sense: Dare to Compare

What do Alan Greenspan and Gary Condit have in common?

They're both lousy at public relations and it's killing them.

In the world that I cover, PR is important. It's a pity neither of these guys realizes that. And I think, for both, it's too late to change that. Good PR means projecting the right image.

Gary Condit flopped last night.
Alan Greenspan flopped last year.

Gary Condit failed to open up last night.
Alan Greenspan failed to lighten up last year.

Gary Condit blamed everyone but himself for his troubles last night.
Alan Greenspan blamed everything but his own bull-headed rate-tightening for the problems we're having this year.

Gary Condit refused to give an inch last night.
Alan Greenspan refused to give a morsel of help last year.

Gary Condit refused to explain himself for more than three months.
Alan Greenspan refuses to explain much of anything for 14 years.

Gary Condit doesn't like to talk about amorous relationships.
Alan Greenspan doesn't see he's losing political relationships.

Gary Condit can't even find Democratic loyalists.
Alan Greenspan increasingly can't find any loyalists.

Gary Condit thought his seat was safe.
Alan Greenspan thought his reputation was stellar.

A scandal knocked Gary Condit down to earth.
A slowdown knocked Alan Greenspan down to reality.

Gary Condit hasn't learned.
Alan Greenspan hasn't learned.

Gary Condit will not be re-elected.
Alan Greenspan should not be re-appointed.

It's too late for Gary Condit to redo a tattered image. It's too late for Alan Greenspan to even try.

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