Common Sense: Can I Get a Witness?

I want to pass along a little bit of good news about this show from no less than the co-founder of CNN, Reese Schonfeld.

That’s right, a CNN veteran talking, and kindly at that, about us. Schonfeld tells Phyllis Furman in today's New York Daily News that the show you're watching, "this show, Your World," is the show that's hopping.

That even though we're in far fewer households than CNBC or CNN, we're often out-rating one or the other, or both all the more amazing when you consider our time. And the proverbial niche audience that is always business.

Reese has a theory. He tells Furman, "of the three shows, his is the least pompous. I think it makes it easier to watch."

Now lest I make this big head of mine bigger still, let me put this in perspective.

This isn't about me or the many smart people behind the camera who make me look good day in and day out. No, this is about "you." What "you" like and don't like.

Judging from your e-mails and letters, it's clear quite a few of you are pretty smart and pretty funny. You're witty, discerning and not ones to suffer fools gladly. I think you can see through a cock and bull story. So, I won't try to give you one. I think you'd quickly see through it if I did.

I was never the smartest kid in the class but I knew what to ask and who to ask. I owe my guests that. And I owe you that.

Five years ago, when I left another network with a bunch of numbers on the screen, some thought I had entered the witness protection program. I want to thank you for confirming what I now know: there are a lot of witnesses for this program.

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