Common Sense: An American Icon

The fun thing about my job is that I get to interview a lot of interesting people.

One of my favorites died over the weekend: Victor Kiam. The guy who was so impressed with his Remington shaver that he bought the company.

Victor was a character and a controversial one at that. Just ask any New England Patriots’ fan and you'll get an earful about Victor, the former team owner.

Victor never shied away from a good quote and he gave me plenty. He was tireless, energetic and he was crazy. I say that in the fondest way.

Who else would take a look at a money-losing U.S shaver operation that was heading for certain bankruptcy and turn it around? Really on just his sheer will.

He was like a cheerleader, remembering even janitors by name and birthdays and anniversaries of workers as if each was a CEO.

Maybe it was because Victor wasn't born rich that he never acted rich.

I remember visiting his house in Connecticut for a profile I was doing. Our crew came early to set up and Victor was wandering around this unpretentious home in a bathrobe and kidding me that he looked better in that than a suit.

Victor Kiam was not a suit and was not a man given easily to slowing down. He joked about it with me a couple of years ago on this very set, after he had sold Remington and his wife was hoping he'd spend more time at home. She'd be disappointed.

Victor Kiam, dead at age 74. He will be missed.

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