Common Sense: All's Forgiven?

This just slays me.

Alan Greenspan speaking from Washington to a bunch of financial bigwigs in Singapore. His message? He's on top of things here, his rate cuts are working like a charm and so is the economy now.

The audience dutifully applauded as if Oz had just imparted some wisdom.

It amazes me the Svengali-like grip this man still holds over the financial markets. He's that worshiped; that deified.

I think it's weird. And I'll go a step further: I think it's sick.

Who am I to judge the great Oz? Just a lowly journalist and one I can assure you, held in even lower regard at the United States Federal Reserve. Why? Because I just don't buy all the glowing talk about Mr. Greenspan.

Everyone's praising the guy for safely navigating our way out of a sure recession — the sultan of the soft landing. Please! Not me.

A good reason why we were in the pickle we were in was because this brainiac was hiking rates so much last year and the year before.

So lo and behold he's moving fast and furious to take them back and we're supposed to praise him? Are you nuts?

That's like the guy who shoots up a store, steals everything in sight and then comes back to return the goods and says, "All's forgiven, right?"

No, not right! Not by a long shot.

Greenspan is like the Grinch. I never understood how all those guys in Whoville had no problem with the Grinch returning all their stolen stuff! They even had him over for a meal!

When I was a kid, I remember playing softball and I whacked a next door neighbor's window, shattering it to smithereens. My dad made damn sure I paid for the replacement of that window.

Do you think I went back to my neighbor and said, "Jeez, I hope you love what I've done for you."  I was the one who broke the window!

Alan broke our windows and now he's taking credit for fixing them!  Give me a freaking break!

What a pane in the glass!

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