Commissioning of the USS Ronald Reagan

Tune in to FOX News Channel on Saturday, July 12 at 11 a.m. ET for special, live coverage of the commissioning of the U.S. Navy's newest aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan.

FOX News Sunday host Tony Snow will lead our coverage, which will include ground reports from correspondent Kelly Wright at Norfolk Naval Station (search) and analysis from Lee Edwards, professor of politics at Catholic University, and retired Navy Capt. Chuck Nash.

We'll also be joined by:

Ken Duberstein, chief of staff under President Reagan
Frank Donatelli, White House political director under President Reagan
Sheila Tate, Nancy Reagan's former press secretary
Robert Conklin, commander master chief of the USS Ronald Reagan
Ken Adelman, former U.N. ambassador

Speakers will include former first lady Nancy Reagan and Vice President Dick Cheney, who will be presenting the ceremony's keynote address.

The nuclear-powered USS Ronald Reagan is the ninth Nimitz-class carrier. It will be home to more than 5,500 sailors and will support approximately 80 aircraft, including F/A-18 Hornet (search) strike fighters and the F-14 Tomcat (search), and FOX News is there to show it to you!

So be sure to tune in... 11 a.m. ET on Saturday, July 12.