Coming Up on 'FOX News Sunday': Mike Huckabee

Our guest this week:

• Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor, GOP presidential candidate

We're just under two months away from the first in the nation caucuses in Iowa. And the latest polls there show Mike Huckabee closing the gap with the leading Republican candidate in that state, Mitt Romney. The former Arkansas governor has barely been on the radar in most national polls, but could this Republican dark horse use a win in Iowa, or even a second place finish, to catapult him to the national stage? And how will Huckabee withstand the extra scrutiny that comes along with his bump in the polls? We'll take a closer look at the former Governor's policies and past in an exclusive interview.

Plus, Hillary Clinton fights back against her two chief rivals in the latest debate. We'll give you a blow by blow in the race for the Democratic nomination with our panel, Brit Hume, the Washington managing editor of FOX News; Mara Liasson and Juan Williams of National Public Radio; and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer.

And our Power Player of the Week, Billy Martin: one of D.C.'s top criminal defense attorneys who is now representing embattled Idaho Senator Larry Craig and Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick.

So check your local listings and we'll see you on the next "FOX News Sunday."