Coming to a DVD Near You

DVDs in the fast-forward glow of the Foxlight.

If you missed it in the theaters — and who could blame you —  you have another shot at seeing Nicolas Cage doing a bad Italian accent in Captain Corelli's Mandolin. The film is coming to DVD and video. But it's not all Cage's fault. Name a money-making movie Penelope Cruz has been in. She's Hollywood's Grim Reaper.

Hard to believe this was from the same director who gave us Shakespeare In Love.

And, can Michael Moore look even more middle America grunge on DVD? A new set of his second season of The Awful Truth will try. Is anyone watching this thing on Bravo? Are they still running it? Doesn't matter, you can have episodes like "Find Clinton a Job" and "Dixie Flag Night." Hey Mike, if we shell out $39.95 for these DVDs, you think you could buy a new hat?

Finally, it was lost on me but plenty of people put Ghost World on their top 10 lists. There's even talk of a best supporting actor Oscar for Steve Buscemi. He's creepy as a record collecting geek who falls for Thora Birch. But what others call insightful, I thought was just plain slow. Hey, if I'm right at least you can fast forward a video. How many times have you wanted to do that at the movies but didn't have a remote?