David Cross is the kind of comedian who would joke about snorting cocaine within yards of President Obama at the White House Correspondents' Association dinner in May.

And that's just what he did — the joke, at least.

Whether he actually used an illegal drug in the presence of America's most thorough security detail remains in question, but Politico reports Cross said in a recent stand-up routine that the stunt came about because of an ongoing competition he has with a friend to try and out-do each other with "dares and outrageousness."

"So I got to go because my girlfriend is a fancy Hollywood actress and she got an invitation to go this last time, so we went," the "Arrested Development" star told his audience, according to the Politico report. Cross' girlfriend is "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" actress Amber Tamblyn. "But it's crazy and there's security, Secret Service is standing there."

Cross said he snorted the coke "maybe 40 feet from the president of the United States" and claimed to have photos. He texted his friend to brag, "No way you can ever top that."

If the story is true, Cross has yet to produce the photos to back it up.

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