Colorado Lottery Investigates 21-Time Jackpot Winner

The Colorado Lottery has been investigating a 21-time jackpot winner, but his "system" for getting lucky in the Cash 5 game might just be that he and his family play constantly.

Tadeusz Krupa and his family have won $1,000 or more in Colorado's Cash 5 Jackpot on 21 different occasions, raking in a total of about $158,000 before taxes since December 2007, reported.

Krupa has been so successful that other players complained, prompting the state's lottery to look into his winnings — which include seven $20,000 jackpots, the station said.

What they found is that Krupa and his relatives struck gold fair and square.

"We know that this gentlemen didn't scam the system," Colorado Lottery Deputy Director Tom Kitts told 9 News.

Investigators interviewed Krupa and his family and talked to employees at stores where the lucky tickets were purchased. They've found no evidence of cheating or other illegal activity, according to Kitts.

"It was just an unusual occurrence," Kitts told 9 News. "My best guess is this gentlemen and his family probably play quite a bit ... there's been an incredible streak of luck here as well."

Krupa says he has a "system" involving Internet searches for winning numbers that he then writes onto tickets by hand.

The jackpot wiz has at times been seen buying thousands of dollars worth of tickets in one week, store clerks told the station.

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