Colonels' Corner: Make Hezbollah Run

August 9, 2006

Let us review: The Israeli military has jets, tanks, artillery, fast guns, great soldiers, and the support of a great nation: The United States of America. Hezbollah has no tanks, no planes, no artillery, and the support of a terrorist state: Iran. In the meantime, Hezbollah is not saying uncle, Hezbollah is not running, and, in case we forget, Israel is being villified, hated more, and not winning.

How is this possible? It is possible because like the U.S. in Iraq, Israel is fighting a guerilla war with both hands tied behind its back.

We are seeing yet another example of a battle in this World War III, the War on Terror, and as in Iraq, we are witnessing proof that when you do not get it right, it appears that the bad guys are not being destroyed. In this kind of war, that is just like a win for the other team.

Hezbollah is standing up and punching back, killing soldiers from the best army in the Middle East. Iran is currently dictating the news cycle and political and military agendas of the biggest powers in the world through their proxies Hezbollah, Hamas, and the likes of al Sadr in Iraq.

Unless you want to watch this stuff for the next 30 years, we need to insist that our government step up to the plate for Israel and get our collective heads out of the sand in Iraq or — and here it comes, wait for it — run the risk of the terrorists claiming victory, leaving us to argue with them rather than kill them.