Colombia: Documents Point to Closer Ties Between Ecuador, Terror Leader

Documents in a computer seized where Colombian commandos killed a senior rebel leader show that Ecuador's president was in deepening relations with Colombia's dominant guerrilla group, Colombia's police commander said Sunday.

The two documents, obtained independently by The Associated Press, were apparently written by recently slain rebel commander Raul Reyes in the past two months. They are addressed to the high command of his insurgency, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC.

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Reyes was killed early Saturday in a raid just inside Ecuadorean territory. The incursion prompted President Rafael Correa of Ecuador to mobilize troops and recall his ambassador, and Venezuela's leader, Hugo Chavez, to announce he was dispatching tanks and thousands of troops to the Colombian border.

"These documents raise the question of what the relation of Ecuador's government is with a terrorist organization," Gen. Oscar Naranjo, the police commander, told a news conference.

He said Colombia's government would demand an explanation of Correa's government for relations with the FARC that "in our opinion affects Colombia's national security."