Code Pink Has No Shame

I'm not buying that stuff you heard at the top of the show about the anti-war protest at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center (search) being a vigil for the soldiers.

The vigil, anti-war protest, was organized by Code Pink (search), a rabidly anti-war, anti-Bush organization which feels no compunction about standing around outside the Walter Reed hospital with signs like "Maimed for Lies" and "Enlist Here to Die for Halliburton."

This is not a vigil to support the men and women inside the hospital who are trying to figure out how to walk with new prosthetic limbs and in many cases are anxious to get back into the field with their comrades in their units deployed in the field in Iraq.

This is tantamount to spitting on soldiers when they returned home from Vietnam (search). It is the rough equivalent of calling soldiers baby killers. Code Pink has absolutely no shame in staging this protest. Protest in Crawford, Texas; protest at the White House; protest at Congress; protest in front of any organization which you think was part of the decision to go to war, but cut the injured soldiers some slack.

It is nothing but the pure venom and viciousness of these anti-war groups at work here.

Maimed for lies? I was doing Tony Snow's radio show Thursday and one soldier about to go back to Iraq said these protestors are America’s IEDs (search), roadside bombs set to go off and injure a soldier here just as certainly as IEDs in Baghdad are set to go off and blow off a soldier’s leg over there.

I had to talk about it on the radio Thursday morning. It put me in a foul mood all day.

Code Pink indeed. How about "Code No Class?" -- something that more accurately describes the people who would do this.

That's My Word.

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