Coalition Warship Seizes 10 Tons of Drugs in Arabian Sea

A Royal Navy Ship, part of U.S. combined counter-smuggling Task Force 150, seized and destroyed $70 million worth of drugs on board a boat traveling 150 miles off the coast of Salalah, Oman, in the Arabian Sea.

A U.S. spy aircraft observed the small ship acting suspiciously and alerted the nearest coalition ship, Captain Nate Christensen, Navy 5th Fleet Spokesman, tells FOX News.

After crew members boarded the ship they found 10 tons of hashish and destroyed the drugs by throwing the supply overboard.

"The seizure was more important than judicial prosecution," said Capt. Christensen. The smugglers were set free.

The Navy believes this boat was coming from Afghanistan. It was found traveling along the popular drug route known as the "hash highways," Christensen said.

A statement released by 5th fleet Commander Adm. William Gortney says this seizure "takes money out of the hands of those financing terrorists in the region."

Captain Christensen said over 18 tons of drugs have been seized this year by the Coalition's efforts.

The Navy says the drugs were discovered Tuesday aboard a traditional merchant vessel known as a dhow about 150 miles southeast of the Omani town of Salalah.

The Navy statement was released Thursday by the 5th Fleet, whose headquarters is in Bahrain.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.