Clinton Vying for Fla., Mich. Delegates

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MEGYN KELLY, CO-HOST: Well, Hillary Clinton seems intent on fighting for the rights of Florida and Michigan voters, saying today that she will take fight all the way to the Democratic convention in August if the voters want her to. Clinton is pressing hard to narrow her gap with Obama by having Florida and Michigan's delegates counted, but her determination may not pay off.

Here with us now is Clinton supporter, Florida Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Hello, congresswoman.


KELLY: Good. Thanks for being here.


KELLY: All right. So, you know, she wants Michigan counted, she wants Florida counted but those from Obama's camp and even Karl Rove has been out today talking about the fact that even if she gets the deal on Florida and Michigan, the numbers just aren't there for her.

Your response?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, the number one thing right now that I know she is concentrating on is making sure that we can get Florida and Michigan's delegates seated at the convention and make sure that our votes are counted. You know, you cannot select the Democratic nominee based on the votes from 48 states, 45 states. It's got to be a selection from all 50 states. You know, that's how we do - we conduct elections in America.

And I think it's really disappointing that Barack Obama spoke to 15,000 Floridians today within the state and said absolutely nothing about whether he thinks Florida's delegation should be seated. In fact, he's never said from his mouth that Florida's delegation should be seated at the convention, and that's incredibly disappointing. We are the biggest swing state in.

KELLY: But what's your response to those who say — why are we arguing about this, because even if she gets - even if Florida and Michigan's delegates get seated, it doesn't change the horserace, he still has this thing locked up but for the superdelegates?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: We're arguing about - we shouldn't be arguing about it all. There shouldn't be any question about whether our delegation should be seated and our votes counted, especially in a state like Florida where the nerves eight years later are still incredibly raw from the recount in 2000. You know, we have to make sure that we can be - we can put Florida in play in November. And.

KELLY: Understood, congresswoman. If I can steer you back on point because you made your point about Florida. I want to ask you about Clinton, in particular, in this presidential contest because a lot of people out there scratching their heads saying — who scares in terms of the horserace, why is she pushing so hard, because it's not going to help her?

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Well, look, she's ahead because more Democratic voters in this country have voted for Hillary Clinton than in any — for any presidential candidate in American history, and because that matters. And there are still superdelegates in play, because, you know, we can argue about what's mathematically possible, but there are still two states and Puerto Rico that have left - have yet to vote.

And we've got to make sure that this primary race plays itself out and that every voter has an opportunity to weigh in. She feels a responsibility to those voters to make sure that she carries this contest all the way through.

KELLY: Yes. It was interesting to hear her talked about going all the way to the convention today. It made headlines here, at least.

Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, thanks so much for coming on.

WASSERMAN SCHULTZ: Thank you. Thanks for having me.

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