Clinton Comeback: Help or Hurt Kerry?

Former President Bill Clinton (search) took the stage to thunderous applause in Philadelphia Monday as he stumped for John Kerry's White House bid.

"If this isn't good for my heart, I don't know what is, thank you," said Clinton, who is recovering from quadruple-bypass surgery.

"You know, I'm very grateful to be here today and I thank all the people of Philadelphia and throughout the country for their e-mails and letters and prayers and support," Clinton said. "From time to time, I have been called the 'Comeback Kid' — in eight days, John Kerry's gonna make America the comeback country."

Clinton comeback: Help or hurt Kerry?

A sample of your responses:

Why do the Democrats feel Clinton is such a great vote getter?  He never had a majority of votes in his two elections. In fact both President and Al Gore received more popular votes and higher percentages of the vote in 2000 than Clinton did in either of his two elections.
Tony P.
Savannah, GA

Clinton will help Kerry due to his lasting popularity and charisma. Say or think what you want about Clinton, he can certainly fire up a crowd and will surely give Kerry a boost.
Scott S.
Sylvania, OH

Clinton's campaigning for Kerry does help energize the Democratic base, but I doubt he'll motivate anyone to vote who hasn't already decided to vote.
Eric S.
Houston, TX

I think it will do the same for Kerry as it did for Gray Davis in California... nothing.
Bob G.
San Anselmo, CA

Of course it helps Senator Kerry. Americans still remember how strong the economy was under Clinton and how well respected we were throughout the world when he was president. Bill Cinton's support and advice may be a small part of what is necessary to clean up the hideous mess the current administration has made in all their decisions.
San Jose, CA

For me it hurts. I don't like Bill Clinton and seeing him again only reminds me of that. I wouldn't support Kerry, though, if Mother Theresa herself were out there on the stump for him. So I guess that puts your question in perspective!
Margaret B.
Dublin, OH

Clinton was impeached. He could have killed bin Laden BEFORE 9/11 and didn't... Kerry should NEVER associate with Clinton. It's nuts.
Vicki H.

Clinton speaking on behalf of Kerry hurts-it is a reminder of a former sitting President and his outrageous acts during office, his impeachment, his dreadful clemency for many criminals during his last days in office, his lies, other misleading statements, the list goes on.  Birds of a feather... and we don't need another person like that in our White House.
Caron W.
Bedford, TX

Bill Clinton is very charismatic. He is also ectremely self-centered. His "support" for Kerry can only lead to a realization that Kerry is not Clinton, and (in spite of how much someone might like or dislike Clinton), Kerry does not have a clear vision beyond wanting to be President.
Bruce W.
Woodbridge, VA

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