Clinton Asked About Sanjaya on Radio Call-in Show

Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Rodham Clinton spent Friday answering New Hampshire's voters' questions — including one about would-be "American Idol" Sanjaya.

During a radio call-in on WOKQ-FM, the New York senator was asked what the United States can do about Sanjaya Malakar, the television show's underdog candidate who critics say lacks any shred of talent.

"That's the best question I've been asked in a long time," Clinton said. "Well, you know, people can vote for whomever they want. That's true in my election, and its true on 'American Idol."'

Unlike Sanjaya, Clinton is at the top of the polls and fundraising. In an April 3 New Hampshire poll sponsored by CNN and WMUR-TV, 27 percent favored Clinton, followed by John Edwards with 21 percent and Barack Obama at 20 percent.

Also Friday, Clinton gave a policy address at Saint Anselm College on government accountability and reform before talking to voters at a Manchester high school.