Clarification of Recent My Word

Some misunderstandings about a recent My Word.

I've been accused of being a racist because I said something simple.

It was a couple days ago and I said, "Procreate not recreate."

It was a thought or two about demographics, about the science of looking into population trends and making predictions.

My concern was simply that I didn't want America to become Europe, where the birthrate is so low the continent is quickly being populated by immigrants — mainly from Muslim countries — whose birthrate is very high.

That fact was coupled with a news item that said half of all babies in America under five are minorities and the majority of those were Hispanic.

I said fine, but it was also a good idea if people other than Hispanics also got busy and had more babies.

Those people would include both blacks and whites. I said you can't expect Hispanics to do all the work when it comes to supplying the country with babies.

Well, you would have thought I put on a sheet and pointy cap and started riding around at night carrying torches.

People called me a racist, and for what? For simply saying we ought to be having more babies in this country and that while Hispanics were doing their part, others should be doing more.

If you look at the demographic trends — as I have — you could conclude — as I have — that 50 years from now Europe will be brown and Muslim, and America will be brown and Christian.

I am fine with that America and I have said so many times. I'd rather live with the Christians here than live under Sharia law in Europe.

Of course, I won't be alive then anyway. But I hope you get my point.

The overall point here today is to say people are wrong if they say I am urging white people to have more babies because I am afraid of more brown people and I'm racist. Couldn't be further from the truth.

Not that the truth matters when people want to lie about you for their own personal and vicious motives, which seems to happen a lot lately.

That's My Word.

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