A citizen withdrew his complaint Tuesday against Gov. Jon S. Corzine for failing to wear a seat belt in his near-fatal highway crash.

The complaint filed by self-proclaimed gadfly Larry Angel was withdrawn just as a judge was to decide whether to approve the charge against the governor. Corzine was released from the hospital Monday and apologized for not wearing his seat belt when his SUV crashed on April 12.

"The governor's statements of taking responsibility swayed him," said Roseanne Lugg, the Galloway court administrator. "That was all Mr. Angel was after."

Corzine asked for the state's forgiveness and said he understood he had set a poor example. "I'll work very hard to try to set the right kind of example to make a difference in people's lives as we go forward," he said Monday.

Since Angel withdrew the complaint, the pending court action was canceled, Lugg said.

"That's been withdrawn, so it's a done deal," she said.

Angel couldn't immediately be reached for comment.