Cindy Crawford, Soccer Mom?

Believe it or not, supermodel Cindy Crawford is like most working mothers.

She takes great pride in the daily accomplishments of her 21-month-old son, Presley, shops online to save time, and is constantly looking for ways to expand her career.

One of her latest projects is Fashion Flashback, a four-part series on WE: Women's Entertainment network that examines fashion and its relationship to women throughout history. She is the host of the series that airs every Saturday during April (8 p.m. EDT).

Crawford, 35, has appeared on more than 400 magazine covers. She was the host of MTV's House of Style for six years and was a correspondent for ABC's Good Morning America.

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Rande Gerber, and is pregnant with their second child.

1. You're asked to wear all sorts of clothes. Is there anything that ever shocks you?

Crawford: At the awards shows now, people are practically naked. I'm not comfortable in clothes that I have to worry about.

2. What do you wear at home?

Crawford: Since I have a kid, I run around. I like clothes that can go in the washing machine. And I don't wear black anymore. I go looking for color — maybe because I'm not living in New York now but I feel like I was buying the same things for five years and I wanted a change.

3. What's your biggest dressing dilemma?

Crawford: The thing that's the most challenging is to find clothes that are cute and trendy that you can wash and dry. I'm seriously considering it as a business. When I want to give my kid a hug when he's eating chocolate pudding I don't want to worry about it. And I never want clothes to interfere with me getting a hug.

4. Does your son know you're famous?

Crawford: He's not old enough yet to think it's weird when people ask for an autograph. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

5. What's a typical day?

Crawford: I might be going to the gym or hanging out with my son, some days I work and some I'm in meetings all day. ... I guess there is no typical day.