'Cindy Brady' Admits Being Hungover, Warns of Getting Sick on Denver Radio Show

The actress who played smallest sister Cindy Brady on "The Brady Bunch" admitted to being hungover and said she felt like getting sick during a Denver radio interview on Thursday.

"Chris got me wasted last night and I am so ready to vomit on the microphone," Susan Olsen, 46, said of an acquaintance on the "Darren & Coba" show on JET 107.9.

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In the middle of discussing her acting and her role on "The Brady Bunch," Olsen, who brought her 12-year-old son Michael to the interview, said she had been drinking heavily the previous night.

During the show, which was videotaped, the former child star kept clutching her stomach and swallowing as if she was going to throw up. At one point, the host asked her if she was all right. That's when she told him she was hungover and felt nauseous.

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She invited listeners to come out to a local bar to see her.

"Watch her drink like a pig!" interjected Michael, who is mildly autistic.

The interview then ended abruptly. Olsen put her hand over her mouth and quickly walked out of the studio.

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