Chrysler to Follow GM: CEO Won't Take Corporate Jet to Washington

Chrysler LLC says Chief Executive Robert Nardelli will not fly on a corporate jet when he returns to Washington next week for Congressional hearings on government loans for the auto industry.

Spokeswoman Lori McTavish says the company is exploring options for travel including driving or commercial flights.

Detroit's three automakers were skewered by lawmakers last week for flying to Washington in separate corporate jets to seek $25 billion in federal loans.

Nardelli joins General Motors Corp. CEO Rick Wagoner in rejecting corporate aircraft for the return to Capitol Hill.

Ford Motor Co. Still hasn't said if CEO Alan Mulally will use a company jet to get to Washington.

The CEOs had a disastrous visit to Congress last week, with members chastising them for high labor costs and huge losses in addition to the use of company planes.

All three automakers are having cash flow problems, with GM and Chrysler saying that federal loans are critically needed.