Chris Kattan, Rodney Dangerfield and Gilbert Gottfried

Chris Kattan, Rodney Dangerfield and Gilbert Gottfried in The Foxlight

No longer "live from Saturday Night," Chris Kattan is leaving the comedy show and taking Mango and Mr. Peepers with him. Doesn't Lorne Michaels own those?

Kattan tells Daily Variety that during his seven years on SNL, he "spit apple in Tom Hanks' face and swatted J-Lo's butt." And Kattan says it's time to move on. He has some movies in the works. Hope they're better than the ones he's made so far. Anyone remember Monkeybone? I'm still trying to forget it myself.

Rodney Dangerfield is back to his wisecracking old self. He says the food at the hospital during his recent stay was "garbage." And, when asked how he's feeling, he answered, "Why should I tell you?" Say, that is a clever and snappy comeback. Welcome back, Rodney.

Finally, Gilbert Gottfried won't be quacking for the AFLAC duck when it goes to Japan. Gottfried is the voice of the duck at the end of those insurance commercials when it quacks the name of the company. But, when AFLAC commercials start airing in Japan, the duck will have a softer quack and maybe a Japanese accent. A spokeswoman for the company says, "The Japanese culture does not like to be yelled at." That's not entirely true, Bill O'Reilly is big in Japan.