Chinese 'Kill Weapon' Gives U.S. Navy Cause for Concern

Details are emerging about a Chinese-developed “kill weapon” that potentially could target and destroy a U.S. aircraft carrier in a single strike.

The U.S. Naval Institute, a pro-military organization, notes that a post on a Chinese blog considered credible by military analysts provides a description of an anti-ship ballistic missile that could hit U.S. ships from about 1,240 miles.

A senior U.S. Navy official at the Pentagon confirmed to FOX News that such a weapon is a tangible threat from China, but it isn't a new threat. And the U.S. Navy has systems, such as the Aegis missile defense system, that can counter the threat posed by the Chinese missile.

The size of the missile, according to the U.S. Naval Institute, allows a warhead large enough to inflict significant damage on an American super carrier in a single strike, and it raises the chances of evading tracking systems and reaching its moving target unscathed in less than 12 minutes.

In recent months, the U.S. Navy's strategy has shifted toward improving the capabilities of its deep-sea fleet and developing anti-ballistic defenses, the U.S. Naval Institute reports.

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