Chilly Chirac: Fact or Farce?

Britain got very little in return for supporting the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, and U.S. policies make it all but impossible for anyone to act as a bridge between Washington and Europe, French President Jacques Chirac (search) said in an interview published Tuesday.

"I am not sure, with America as it is these days, that it would be easy for someone, even the British, to be an honest broker. Perhaps that will change, but that is the current state of things," Chirac was quoted as saying in an interview with British reporters in Paris.

"Well, Britain gave its support, but I did not see much in return. I am not sure that it is in the nature of our American friends at the moment to return favors systematically," The Times newspaper quoted Chirac as saying.

Chilly Chirac: Fact or farce?

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Ahh, how soon they forget! The French are asking about "getting something back." I don't remember us asking what we were getting back when we saved their country from tyranny in World War II. Perhaps... Jacques Chirac should think about that before condeming our efforts in the Middle East. Seemed our saving Europe wasn't so "uncivilized" back then.
Aimee W.

I think it will be a chily four years with Bush and Chira until of course, France needs our help. It's absolutely ridiculous that he believes that countries that work with the U.S get nothing back. I guess he knows nothing about how we liberated them in WW2. But what can you expect from a man who claims he wants Middle East peace while he cries at the bedside of the world's biggest terrorist.
Michele N.
Staten Island, NY

It is a FACT, the U.S. is increasingly difficult for Chirac to deal with. And it's about time! Chirac, as the self annointed "voice" of the EU, declared economic war on the U.S. quite some time ago. Now he seeks to annex the Brits. The Oil for Food Program scandal says it all. And look how readily Kofi Annan dons his beret these days. FACT is, Chirac is just an uglier, taller version of Napolean and it's darn time he, the EU and the UN are exposed before they do another dirty deal, this time with Iran. Vive la George Bush and the USA!
Karen I.

I think that Chirac brings shame to Europe. He is the most undiplomatic leader for years, he should be removed as he is a threat to world peace. He want to prove to the world he can be as powerful as president Bush, but instead he brings shame to all the European countries who does not think like him. With this jealousy rage has managed to bring instability to not only Europe but the whole world.
The whole world is so lucky President Bush was reelected!
Just remember Chirac is not the leader of Europe but just France!
Rebecca A.

Both of my Grandfathers gave their lives on European battlefields in World War II so Chirac and his kind constituents would not be speaking German today. Chirac is beyond a farce!
Max C.
Las Vegas, NV

I just want to say Chirac is an idiot to say Britain gets nothing back from backing the USA-just by being close allies and knowing we can depend on each other means the most! I'd rather be isolated from Europe and on board with America any day.
Janine M.

Listening to what Chirac has to say about the U.S. and Bush reminds me of the recent election in which Kerry chastised the U.S. and Bush about the Iraq war. Both were basically All Talk and No Plan.
Thom C.
Gwinn, MI

So Chirac want's Tony Blair to get something ought of siding with the US in Iraq. Perhaps we should give Mr. Blair "kickbacks", since Chirac's country has profited so well from them. Chirac could care less about the people of Middle East, but only what he can profit from them.
Connie A.
Canton, OH

Chirac is obviously trying to position France, a nation with a failed economic and international policy, as a leader in the E.U. by bashing the U.S. Since he cannot lift France up in the eyes of the world through its deeds, he is left with tearing down others to raise. Sad comments from a sad man.
The Darnalls

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