Child in Texas Puts Car in Gear, Kills Neighbor's Toddler

A 16-month-old girl died after she was pinned against a wall by a car that a 4-year-old neighbor somehow shifted into gear, police said.

Sanda Win was outside of her family's apartment with her brothers and sisters when the car rolled toward them on Sunday.

"The other children ran, but Sanda didn't," said ZuneMay Oo, a neighbor and family friend. "It bumped her. When I saw her, she was between the car and the apartment wall with her face against the bumper.

"After we called 911, we went to the hospital, but she was already dead."

Sanda's family, who immigrated from Burma last year, buried the child on Monday.

Min Aung, a case manager for Catholic Family Service Inc., went door-to-door, seeking donations from Amarillo's Burmese community to help the family cover expenses.

"The community is very generous and helpful to each other," Aung said. "A lot of the people who live in the apartments knew each other in the refugee camp and they live near each other. They can help each other."

Amarillo police said the case is still under investigation.