'Cheerleaders' in Michael Jackson's Corner

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Michael Jackson (search) has his own personal cheerleading squad.

His supporters cheer him loudly every time he appears at the courthouse for his child-molesting trial.

The fans are devoted to Jackson, and many have given up a great deal to be near him during his ordeal.

His supporters' days begin long before sunrise. They are kept outside a chain-link fence as TV crews warm their lights and set the stage for a show the King of Pop (search) would rather cancel.

"I was a kindergarten teacher for 13 years, and I resigned to be out here," said supporter Sheree Wilkins.

"We gave up everything. We need to put everything to the side and just fight it, you know?" said Susie Mumpfeld.

But why is important to come out to see Jackson?

"This is a slice of life," said supporter Brian Church.

As Jackson and his entourage arrive, the faithful are in a frenzy, screaming "Michael!" "Michael is innocent!" "Let's go defense!"

And day after day, one man is like the loudest fan at a football game -- you can hear him above the rest.

The locals call him Tennessee. He's 18 years old. He took a bus here and he has no plans to leave. And it's costing him.

"My motel room is $110 a night, and I have been here two months, so you can do the math," Tennessee said.

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