Cheerleader Lawsuit: Missed Opportunity

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What an interesting show to be a part of today!

First, we talked terror and the apparent threat that's coming our way: Steve Emerson opened the first hour by tamping down the threat and Brian Ross perked everyone up by expanding on the story he broke.

Then we talked cheerleaders and a 14-year-old girl who refuses to just be cut from the cheer team. It was nice of the 14-year-old freshman to come on with her family and lawyer, but I just think it's wrong to sue to get yourself a place on the team and it's bad parenting to not let this hard lesson be a life lesson. I know many of you thought my line of questioning was harsh, but I have seen so many prosper from tough breaks that it rubs me the wrong way to see someone use the legal system to force a coach to change his or her roster.

We also looked into John McCain's campaign implosion. Who would have thought the senator from Arizona would fire his top two guys and be tapped out of funds. Well, it's true and let me tell you that no expert we have had in over the last two years predicted it. Look for many ex-McCainers to join Fred Thompson's team, who is all but in. Most every political insider told us it would be Rudy G. who would be dead in the water — instead he leads all polls.

So my quest to interview David Beckham when he meets the press in Los Angeles fell short as his people let me know we would not be in the first wave. Unless of course there is a last second change of heart. It's pretty bad when I can't book a soccer guy — even though he is more famous then Elvis.

Special thanks for all those writing me about my family's first pet, the rabbit. So far so good — in fact Gretch even bought me a leash!

Special thanks as well to those of you writing me your sports stories that chronicled how you learned it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game that matters. Of course I believe that axiom and it's the title of my book, "It's How You Play the Game." Anyone who wins a book is eligible for the paperback and all of you have sensational inspirational stories. If you'd like to order the book please go to and I can personalize for ya!

Stay with "FOX & Friends" for now we are in our old studio and in two weeks we get a brand new one. Thanks for keeping us No. 1 in cable news and let me assure you the best is yet to come!


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