Cemetery in Iraq Rigged With Explosives

Security forces found bombs planted throughout a cemetery Thursday after an Iraqi woman and her daughter were wounded by one as they were visiting the grave of a young man killed in a sectarian attack northeast of Baghdad earlier this month.

The woman and her daughter were visiting the grave of one of the young men killed on June 4 when masked gunmen stopped two minivans carrying students northeast of the capital, ordered the passengers off, separated Shiites from Sunni Arabs, and killed the 21 Shiites. A witness said at the time that one of the gunmen told the victims they were being killed "in the name of Islam."

Qara Tappah 's mayor, Serwan Shokir, said security forces responding to the attack against the woman and her child on Thursday found bombs planted throughout the cemetery, apparently aimed at the families of those killed on June 4.

The village of some 35,000 people is 75 miles northeast of Baghdad, near the volatile area where terror leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was killed.

Countrywatch: Iraq