Celebs and 9-11 Charity Efforts

Well, the Red Cross is announcing they will take no more donations for the grieving families of the terror attacks, saying they have enough money.  But, as The Factor has reported, much of the donated money will not go to help the grieving families.

So what do the stars who helped raise much of that money think about the controversy?  That's the subject of this evening's Talking Points memo.

We've contacted scores of celebrities, and -- no surprise -- few want to talk about the issue of confusion among the 160 charities involved with raising money for the families.

Here's the story.  Most celebrities hire public-relations people to get them good publicity.  These people are usually dripping in arrogance, full of self-importance and condescension.  Their job is to control the press and get favorable publicity for the stars.

So, when a telethon to help the victims' families is presented, the stars clamor to be a part of it.  Same thing with those rock concerts.  Those fund raisers bring the stars great publicity.

The question is: What kind of responsibility do the stars have in seeing that the donated money is honestly handled?  We asked various celebrities involved with the fund-raising for a statement.

Leading man Tom Hanks flat out refused to make any kind of statement, according to his P.R. flak Leslie Garson (ph).

Adam Sandler, David Spade, and Brad Pitt are represented by Cindy Guagenti, and she told us, "Conversations about money is not in their knowledge.  You should be going to somebody else."

Sylvester Stallone's flak said his wife is pregnant, so he can't make a statement.

Sarah Jessica Parker's rep said she is not available to make a statement.

Amy Brenneman's person said she is too busy to make a statement.  Wow, that is busy.

Julia Roberts' flak, Marcy Engleman (ph), says Julia is very concerned that the money goes to the families, and she has donated a million dollars herself.  Ms. Roberts has also made a commercial for the Red Cross asking for more money, so she should be concerned.

Calista Flockhart's person says she's really busy and her schedule will not permit a statement.

Mike Myers' flak says he needs to pass.  Does he have a gallstone?

Ben Stiller's person says, unfortunately, Mr. Stiller is too busy to make a statement.

Lucy Liu's flak says she cannot be reached to make a statement.  We have alerted the FBI.

Wyclef Jean's guy, Miguel Baguer, told us, "Artists are not responsible for watching over the money.  They donated their art."

Paul McCartney's person would not give a statement or tell us any reason that for not giving it.  He doesn't like us.

Mariah Carey's spokesperson thanked us for our interest in Mariah, but she must pass on giving a statement.

And Kelsey Grammer's person, Stan Rosenfeld, who also represents Robert DeNiro, had the best response.  "I do not remember The Factor advancing any credible evidence to substantiate your claims."

Well, Stan, maybe read a newspaper once in a while.  They do have them in Hollywood. It's public record the charity situation vis-a-vis the families is a mess.  Been in all the papers.

We are still talking with some celebrities, and we hope a few of them will step up, but the majority of these people are phonies, much more interested in their own images than solving any social problems.

It doesn't take much for powerful people like these to bring a little pressure to bear on the fund raisers that they represented.  If it were me, I would do it.

By the way, some people like Mick Jagger, Elton John, Robin Williams, and Cindy Crawford simply ignored our inquiries all together.  Not nice.

We report.  You decide.

And that's the memo.  More on the story later on.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

On this Eve of All Hallows, some ghost have been reported in the White House.  According to author Dennis William Hauck, White House staffers have heard hearty laughter coming from Andrew Jackson's empty bed.  The ghost of William Henry Harrison was seen in the East Room, and Abigail Adams has been floating around as well.  No word whether the essence of Monica Lewinski has been heard from.  Of course, that would be ridiculous. 

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