Celebrity Worship Syndrome

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Move over West Nile Virus. Take a hike SARS and Monkeypox. The New York Daily News says there's a new epidemic out there, and it's one more thing we can blame on "Bennifer."

No, it's not an increase in strip club attendance. According to a new study, there's an epidemic sweeping the nation called Celebrity Worship Syndrome.

If you read the occasional tabloid or stop the remote on Entertainment Tonight every now and then, you're fine. But this study says one in three Americans takes celebrity news a little too personally.

Something this Illinois psychiatrist and his findings call the "intense personal" stage means you're just a heartbeat away from becoming a stalker. Worrying constantly about Ashton and Demi? Who isn't? Can't stop fidgeting whenever anyone brings up Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston? Get in line.

I'm sure it's way too late for me, but by all means save yourselves. There's only one catch: According to the study, there’s no known cure. Not even repeated viewings of "Gigli?" We'll never know because frankly who would want to try?