It was a summer of winners and losers and we see them all in the harsh post-vacation glare of The Foxlight.

Winner: America Pie 2. Everyone wanted to go back to Band Camp. In a summer of high profile movies, it stuck like Krazy Glue to the number one spot longer than anyone else.

Loser: star Natasha Lyonne. Who put her in charge of the keg? She gets arrested off screen for drunk driving.

Winner: Ben Kingsley. He gets the best reviews of his career and shakes the Mahatma off with a very un-Gandhi performance in Sexy Beast.

Loser: Steven Spielberg. A.I. was all artificial. The intelligent part was staying away.

Winner: HBO. Sex and The City had its best season ever. And Six Feet Under is starting to make us forget Tony Soprano won't be back until this time next summer.

Loser: Kate Beckinsale. She was going to tell him she was sleeping with his best friend, then "this" happened.

Winner: Nicole Kidman. Even if you thought Moulin Rouge was a "can't-can't" her other movie The Others was creepier than Condit's interview with Connie Chung. All of this during a very public divorce. Bonus points for telling Letterman she can now wear heels.

Winner: Madonna. She taunts fans, refuses to do old songs and still sells out everywhere she played.

Loser: 98 Degrees. Poor tickets sales cancel their summer tour. Maybe they should change their name to 32 degrees.

Winners: Shrek, Memento, The Anniversary Party and The Score.

Losers: Atlantis, Final Fantasy and anything with Freddie Prinze Jr. in it.