Celebrity Stalkers

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Sat., September 1 at 12 p.m. ET
Mon., September 3 at 1 p.m. ET

It's the kind of attention they never bargained for...Celebrities falling victims to stalkers. Hosted by Fox News Entertainment Correspondent Bill McCuddy our one hour special broadcast looks at the often dangerous price of fame.

To many celebrities the trappings of stardom mean not only living a life of luxury but one of  fear. Once confident, now forever looking over their shoulder, barraged with phone calls, e-mail and even followed, many Hollywood stars live a life terror.

Tonight, the frightening stories of crazed fans who broke into homes, tried to rape, kidnap and even kill the object of their idols.

From the obsessed to the possessed! Here are the stories you'll see in our special hour:

-Former Beatle George Harrison--who was stabbed in the chest in his own home by an intruder!

-Oscar award winning director Steven Spielberg who was almost raped by a very disturbed man.

-Theresa Saldana who was slashed ten times by a mental patient--who is alive and will tell us her tale.

-Tennis star Martina Hingis who was harrassed with lecherous love letters.

They're frightening stories and riveting viewing. And we'll bring them to you this weekend.