This weekend, we celebrate our independence from the Brits.

As you well know, I've been celebrating it myself by getting in trouble with the Brits.

You might have heard I was censured by an agency of the British government for saying the BBC was anti-American, and that it had lied in some of its reporting about the Iraq war.

For my fellow Americans who think it is unseemly to be dumping buckets of slop on the minority of the Brits — including the BBC — who are anti-American, I have this question:

Seen Prince Charles lately? Oh yes, he was here for 10 minutes to attend the state funeral of Ronald Reagan (search), and then gone...

Why did he beat feet so fast, and why has he not come to visit America for half-dozen years?

An article in November of last year in Britain's Guardian newspaper explained all, and we should remind ourselves.

Prince Charles doesn't visit America because the British Foreign Office (search) doesn't want him anywhere near American reporters.

Seems the prince has strong pro-Palestinian views, which is to say anti-Israel, which is to say anti-American views.

So the Brit diplomats don't want him getting the Americans mad by showing up and mouthing off, which he tends to do in private.

A quote about Prince Charles from The Guardian piece: "He thinks American policy in the Middle East is complete madness and he used to express that quite loudly to a lot of people, including ministers and various ambassadors."

This anti-Israel and pro-Palestinian issue is at the heart of much of British anti-Americanism, and here we have it solidly in concrete at the top of the British royal family.

No wonder the BBC feels it can tee off on America and Americans. If the man who will be king can run his mouth with anti-American drivel, why not the nation's biggest broadcaster?

Doesn't it all make sense now?

That's My Word.

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