My 10-year-old cut school today. And I let him. Mom let him, too.

Why on earth would we condone such truancy?

Because it’s one of the most politically correct days at his school today. Drum roll please…It’s Multicultural Day!


I live in a very liberal part of the country. In fact, the town I live in is among the most liberal in the United States of America . This is one of the side benefits of moving soon—getting away from this cesspool of stupidity.

So what will my child miss today? Mathematics? Nope. History? Well, maybe. But it won’t be American history. It will be everyone ELSE’S history. Science? Not a chance.

Luckily, our children are bright and don’t fall for most of this nonsense dished out by the institutions of supposed learning. But my 10-year-old came home recently crying because some idiot was brought into his class who told them they wouldn’t live to see their 21st birthdays if adults didn’t get their act together and clean up the planet.

Can you imagine telling a child that? Is it any wonder that so many kids come home from school depressed and sometimes even hostile?

What else would you expect when the bulk of the lessons are about how bad America is and how irresponsible all the adults in their lives are?

So my child will miss loads of indoctrination today. After coming home the other day claiming that the lesson of the day was that America doesn’t really HAVE a culture (man, the radicals have been using THAT one for a LONG time now), he can use the day off.

He will learn multiculturalism from US. He will understand his heritage, both Mexican and European in origin. He will understand about other places and people. But over my dead body will he learn it from some wheat germ chomping sociopath who has a degree in marketing.

Maybe if more parents protested these events by having their child take the day off, the schools would finally get it.

Nah. Probably not.