Casey Anthony Lawyers Grill Sheriff's Deputy; Staff Told Media Leaks Must End

Lawyers for Orlando mother Casey Anthony grilled an Orange Sheriff's Office employee Friday for not finding her 2-year-old daughter Caylee earlier, reported.

Richard Cain reportedly came within 6 feet of a white bag, but never touched it, even though a tipster told him he saw a human skull, according to Ray Kronk, the former meter reader who called 911 numerous times and eventually found the girl's remains on Dec. 11.

It was not clear what transpired during Friday's deposition.

Anthony, 22, is in jail on a first-degree murder charge and other offenses related to her daughter's killing. She has pleaded not guilty to all the charges against her.

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Meanwhile, the Orange County sheriff's staff is being told to stop leaking details of the case to the media for fear of losing the case, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

"We not going to lose cases because of loose lips," Sheriff Jerry Demings said Friday about what he's telling deputy sheriffs, investigators and supervisors, the Sentinel reported. "If it's active criminal information, don't get caught leaking. If you get caught, it's going to get treated seriously."

Demings said in his 21-year career at the Orlando Police Department, he's never seen a case where so much criminal information is being leaked by anonymous sources to the media, the newspaper reported.

"It hurts the image of the agency if we compromise active criminal investigations," Demings said, the Sentinel reported. "It's something we can control."

Jose Baez, Anthony's lead attorney, has complained the leaks are prejudicial to this client and are unfair.

But, Anthony's team of lawyers may be getting some unwanted media attention of their own.

Todd E. Macaluso, her newest lawyer, was accused of unprofessional conduct in California.

A complain filed in January alleges Macaluso didn't have enough money in an account to cover business expenses totaling more than $100,000 between July 2006 and February 2007, the Sentinel reported.

Macaluso says the incident was a mistake and blamed it on the unexpected death in the family of an accounting office staff member.

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