Career Criminal in Iowa Sentenced to Church for 8 Consecutive Sundays

Some career criminals do time. One in Iowa has already been in the slammer — so now he's doing church.

Pachino Hill, 29, must go to Baptist services for eight consecutive Sundays — plus pay a fine and be on probation for a year — for leading police on car chase in October, according to The Quad-City Times.

The Davenport man's long and violent record dating back to his early teens includes manslaughter, assault and other crimes. The latest traffic infraction was his second such cat-and-mouse with cops in as many years, both of which landed him charges of driving while barred.

Scott County Associate Judge Christine Dalton handed down Hill's unusual sentence — a program offered by Third Missionary Baptist Church — on Wednesday. If he fails to complete it, he faces up to two years in prison.

“Let’s give it a shot,” the newspaper quoted the judge as saying. “I’m all about one more chance.”

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