Car-respondence - Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Minivans

Family Guy

I just purchased a Mazda 5, I was a single guy driving a Chevy Aveo, until I met my wife, who has 3 kids. We bought the Mazda 5 and we love it. We can fold one of the back seats down, and have plenty of room for luggage for our road trips. The car handles great. I have owned a few cars in my 45 yrs., I am very impressed with this vehicle, one of the best I have owned in a long time….Mazda 5 Rules.

Kurt G. De Von

Pack Lightly

I love our Mazda5 and we use it for 95% of our family driving. We actually took a 2400 mile trip with the 6 of us (wife and 4 kids age 14 to 8). I just told everyone they were only allowed to bring what they could wear plus 2 changes of clothes (that’s what 4 years at USNA will do for you). If you have a family of 4, it is a no-brainer in my opinion.

Heath Kolman

Losing the Arms Race

Mazda’s are completely underpowered and therefore a risk driving.

Steve McCann

Is 7 Your Lucky Number?

I’m driving my 6th Chrysler mini-van since the vehicle’s introduction. Just when you think there is not anything else possible for a mini-van, the engineers and marketers at Chrysler surprise you with new toys, quieter ride, smoother transmission and a vehicle that is fun to drive. At this rate I’ll probably own 6 more!

Dave Simon