Car-respondence - Saturn Astra

In the Know

I believe I own the only Saturn Astra in Charlotte NC so far…I receive nothing but compliments about its looks and questions about who makes it. It’s hilarious their expressions when I tell people it’s a Saturn…I have nothing but rave reviews for the over 2000 miles I’ve put on it thus far. The best feeling is knowing and letting the American car bashing naysayers know that I can sleep at night knowing that I’m supporting an American company!!

Charles Ramsey

Shop at Home

As a Saturn owner, if it’s not made in USA I don’t want it.

John Rudolph

Trading Up by Trading Down

After viewing the Astra at the Columbus, Ohio International Car Show, I immediately drove to a Saturn dealership, test drove one and traded in my full size, gas guzzling SUV for the [five] door hatchback XE. I went with the 5-speed manual and added that amazingly large sunroof you forgot to mention. At purchase time I was just the fifth Astra owner in Ohio and still get a lot of head-turns, questions and comments like, "That's a Saturn?" I agree that the Board Computer display screen is a bit low tech but in general the European functionality and layout is wonderful - after getting use to it.

Michael Sterle

Lost in Translation

I purchased my 5 door Saturn Astra XR just a few weeks after they became available. I had test driven numerous cars that day and I was in the market specifically for a 5 door hatchback. Of all the cars I drove that day the Astra by far and away the best handling and the most fun to drive, and the European influence is definitely apparent. It took me all of 30 seconds to figure out how to use those buttons on the steering wheel you commented on and the BC display screen is no more or less than any other car in this class offers. Oh and next time how about maybe actually asking someone or *gasp* read the manual if there is anything that is really that difficult for you to figure out.

Michael McDonald

FCR: You probably ask for directions when you get lost, too. You wouldn’t have to if Saturn offered the beautiful full-color multimedia system that is available on the Astra in Europe.

Big 3-rd Party Candidate

For decades, GM has missed on a sure bet by not using the German Opel designs for cars here. Instead, they insisted on doing it the Detroit way and look what happened to their reputations with my age group (I’m 49). It’s not that I am anti-American or pro-European, I just strongly feel that cars should be designed on logic which traditionally is not a virtue in Detroit where marketing types and accountants too often prevail. So let’s salute [Vice Chairman of Global Product Development] Bob Lutz at GM! It was this ex-fighter plane pilot, former ex-pat who grabbed GM by the scruff and showed them what a good thing they were missing! Fortunately Ford is also moving along these lines and Chrysler may learn, someday.

Bob Lutz for President!

David Layton

Astra Incognito

They would sell more of them if the left the Opel badges on the car.

Edward Arndt

One Word Says it All


Bobby Stovall, Sr.