Car-respondence - Mercedes-Benz GL320

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Quality Consumer

Well, it sounds like a Hummer but with the high quality of MB instead of the normal GM low quality. Another vehicle that no one really needs but that those who don't care about America's fuel dilemma as long as they have the money, will love.

We need more (Scion) xB's and less mB's if this is an example of a solution for the future.

Charly Hornbrook

Road Tested

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, LOVE MY 2008 GL320cdi!!! Like you I average 20mpg city and on a recent road trip across half the country, discovered some interesting mileage factoids:

Keeping at 65mph or less yielded 28mpg65-75mph dropped to less than 25mpgand 75-90mph dropped down to 20mpg!This was with the entire cargo area loaded. And yesterday I hitched up a large cargo trailer for the first time and discovered it self levels! There is absolutely no tail end down to the SUV! And I could hardly tell the trailer was back there! I LOVE IT!

David Ward

Price Unconscious

This diesel is not the solution to wasteful gas-powered, oversized, American SUVs, besides anyone who can afford this vehicle doesn't care what the price of gas is.

Peter Amado