Car-respondence - Infiniti EX35

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Premium Luxury

I just read your review and the EX is without a doubt one of the best cars I have ever driven. I just leased one for my wife about 1 ½ months ago. She had a G35 coupe previous to the EX and has fallen in love with the car. It handles and rides like a luxury car. Great power and maneuverability for an SUV. The navigation system is the easiest to use that I have seen. You can load your own CD’s onto the hard drive and it stores thousands of songs. I will be going on a road trip this weekend and cannot wait to see how it performs. Only drawback is that the manufacturer recommends Premium gas and at close to $ 4.00 a gallon it becomes a little onerous.

Gene Battelle, Houston, Texas

Out of Time

What does the mileage average out to — 19-20 mpg. Where's the turbo diesel with 40+ mpg? These gas engines were great when they were designed 10 years ago for 10 year ago gas prices, but not today

Jim Burg, Roscoe, IL

EX Appeal

I find this gas guzzler the ugliest vehicle on the road. The one that may be uglier is the GMC ENVOY. This vehicle has no purpose that I can tell. Big fenders and Big wheels with no room inside. Burns a lot of gas…I would consider it to be Metro sexual.

It floors me that anyone would buy such a global warmer like this that absolutely has no practical use. Even the Envoy can at least haul or pull something.

John Mraz

Features Story

I have a 2006 M35x with the Lane Departure, Active Cruise, and Rear Camera with Predictive Path overlay [similar to the equipment FCR tested on the EX35]. These features work GREAT and I highly recommend them. The navigation system is also easily the best implementation I’ve seen in factory GPS offers. The voice recognition required no training and is very accurate and the map views are much better looking than the others I’ve seen.

Ray Bjurling, Holmdel, NJ

Thanks, We Liked it Too

Wow and the review was one of the most enjoyable I've ever read. Keep up the good work.

Robert Wallace