Car-respondence - Hyundai Genesis

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Back to Basics

Just read your review of the Hyundai Genesis. As one of the first buyers of a Genesis in Florida, I agree with your comments. With about 500 miles on the odometer I am really enjoying the car. It is an exceptional value for the money, and a lot of fun to drive as well. Your one comment that I am not sure about is the conclusion that the typical buyer of the Genesis is an existing Hyundai owner. In my case the day I purchased the car was the first time I had ever stepped on the lot of a Hyundai dealership, or even paid much attention to Hyundai in general. I subsequently joined an online forum and there are a number of former BMW (and other luxury brand) owners online who have switched to the Genesis. They seem to take a perverse glee in describing what happens when they return their off-lease BMW and tell the dealer they are switching to a Genesis for half the price!

Simon Smith

Two Bad

This car looks really nice. The review sounds promising. However, having owned two Hyundai's, I am in no way impressed. My conclusion about Hyundai is that it is the Japanese word for crap. Both of my vehicles, Santa Fe and Sonata, have been nothing but a waste of money: tires going flat due to improper fitting within 2 months of new car purchase; CV joint having to be replaced at 6k miles and another at 58k miles; driver's side back door never closing all the way unless shut with more force than should be needed; poor gas mileage after 15k miles; dust seal in steering column replaced at 12k miles and 31k miles; left front speaker replaced 3 times. When I proposed that maybe they should check the wiring, the maintenance manager told me to stop listening to loud music, I listen to talk radio. There's more but I think you get my point.

Kindest regards,

Holly Stratton

Two Good

I have 2 Hyundai automobiles now and their quality has been outstanding. One is a 2003 Santa Fe with 'zero' problems, and the other is a 2008 Sonata, also with 'zero' problems. I had the chance to test drive an Azera, which was their top of the line car till the Genesis came out, and I was impressed by the quality and ride comfort. If I had the money I would not hesitate to buy a Genesis, though I would have to give up one of my other wonderful Hyundai vehicles in order to have garage space for it.

Mel J. Keeler