Car-Respondence - Honda Civic GX

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Hot Wheels

That has got to be the coolest thing I have ever seen. Natural gas in a car, who would have thought? If the concept takes off we need to thank those designers for saving us and our wallets.

Michael Rauch

The Taxman Cometh

All these "fill-it-at-home" schemes (CNG, Electric, etc.) will be okay for a while. But the road taxes needed to maintain the highways is still needed. They will somehow have to be recovered. Fuel Oil is cheaper than diesel fuel because of the taxes and the law requires adding color so they can verify you aren't cheating. But even with taxes CNG is probably a lot, lot cheaper.

Dave Kessinger

I Want My CNG

You have it wrong on availability. I tried to get the car from the local dealer and one in NY. Neither would help me. Also was unable to get a home filling station in Alabama.

Frank Sweet

FCR: While the Civic GX is available for purchase in every state except Hawaii, we failed to mention that it is not available at every Honda dealer. However, each state has at least one dealer that is certified to sell and service the vehicle. Check out for more information.

No Propane, No Gain

Looks ok but I want a CNG or Propane in a Ford F250 pick-up truck. My Ford tractor runs on propane and I can fill it up in the back yard. Our auto makers need to work on SUVs and Pick-up trucks powered by propane for us that have big families and hard working pick-up truck needing jobs. The auto makers would sell a lot of them. I guess I will have just buy my own propane conversion kit and put it on my old truck and SUV (cannot put it on a new one it voids the warranty).

Robert Sides

FCR: Will an F-150 do?

Math Kind of Sucks

Thank you for the CNG Car Article. Sounds promising. Suppose I installed a Natural Gas fill point at my house to fill the car overnight. How many CCF of Natural gas will I need to get the car up to a full tank? Those tanks seem pretty beefy requiring much PSI. I doubt that I can get much more than 5 psi out of my Natural gas line. I’m already paying X dollars for about 8 CCF per month of natural gas. I’m worried if I choose to feed this beast, the CCF bill will be a monster.Ron

FCR: Here’s the formula, we’ll let you do the tricky stuff: 1 GGE= 1 CCF x .083

Free For All

If the Federal government and the several states will increase the amount of MY MONEY they offer in rebates just a tad more we can all have a free auto.Jack Willer

Crash Course I don't thing this is a web site. If it is, I couldn't open it.

Marvin Bush, USMC Retired

FCR: Oh, it’s a website alright, and the article on FOX Car Report was so popular with our readers that they crashed it. Sorry, guys.