car-respondence - Acura TL

Apparently He’s Impressed

I have a new 09 TL Tech and have been thoroughly impressed with all of its features. The day I picked up the car I left on a trip of 820 miles. I was surprised to average 30 mpg for the trip. I drive to and from work (60 miles round trip) with a city/hwy average of 25 mpg. The car has exceeded the stated mpg every time. The TL handles well throughout all phases of operation. It is a quiet ride even at interstate speeds and the sound system is the best I have heard. The Tech package is impressive and worth the price. The car overall is very well thought out. Once again I am impressed.

Ken Joye

Not a Star

I bought my wife a 2004 TL and she loves it. This new one is ugly and reminds of a Saturn product. Moreover, the interior offers nothing more that what was avaiable in '04. And with the price now reaching the intro luxury levels I doubt we will see many of them on the road. It is a true disappointment.

Douglas D. Pletcher

Easy Rider

I leased this car back in December and LOVE IT! It is the best front wheel-drive car I have ever driven. I look forward to every morning getting up and driving to work in it. It is so comfortable I lay my head back on the headrest and cruise.

Moe Boukair

It Shines the Wrong Way

An Acura is technologically one of the best vehicles on the road, but, it is so ugly from the front - way too much chrome. The subtle look of a BMW or Mercedes it's not.


Bill Stuebe

History Lesson

If I’m not mistaken, the “USS Merrimack” referenced probably refers to the iron-clad CSS Virginia, often incorrectly referred to as the “Merrimack”. The USS Merrimack was a sailing vessel. The hull survived after the ship was burned to avoid capture. The CSS Virginia later used the hull.

Lt Col Wes Smith

55th Wing Inspector General

FCR: Are we to take the word of an Air Force Lt. Colonel on Naval history? Yes we are.